Hiring an Airbnb Manager: Pros, Cons, and How-to Guide


While hiring an Airbnb property manager or management company can help streamline the process and operations of owning a vacation rental, making sure you can afford to hire one is also important. When shopping for an Airbnb property manager, verify the fees being charged are in-line with the industry average.

Whether you want to delegate reservation management or have someone pick up cleaning supplies, outsourcing allows you to manage your rental property from any location.

Guesty – Guesty  allows you to outsource guest communications on a 24-hour basis. You’ll never miss out on a booking because someone else responded 30 minutes quicker than you. While you sleep or are away on vacation, Guesty approves your guests based on a pre-arranged profile.

Pillow – Pillow automates the listing of your property across multiple platforms. Create one listing and have it propagated across multiple rental websites. They also offer full service property management in select cities.

What is an Airbnb management service?

An Airbnb management service is a company that manages seasonal lets on behalf of an owner, including services such as: meet and greet, cleaning, check-out, ad creation and communication with guests, etc.

In fact, although we’re talking about Airbnb management services we could equally talk about short-stay management services, holiday lettings management services, short-stay management services or even 2.0 management services to refer to our trade. Indeed, for the most part, we don’t only rent through Airbnb but also on a range of platforms that have emerged over the past few years. And while our trade was less reliant on the internet in the past, it still existed well before Airbnb.

The marketing choice to call ourselves an “Airbnb management service” was made by the management services themselves in order to piggyback the success of Airbnb. This is because it’s the platform that resonates the most with the general public.


Why use an Airbnb management service?

Our potential customers generally contact us because they want to rent out their property during the holiday season without having to manage their short-term lets.

Communicating with guests, cleaning between each let, meeting and greeting guests who often arrive late… letting during the holiday season is certainly more profitable (two to three times the amount for a standard let) but is also more time-consuming! The added value of an Airbnb management service is that it organises the entire rental management process.

When you let an asset, by definition you are not available on-site, and therefore, the idea of delegating makes perfect sense. Before the general public were really aware of the management services offered, many owners managed everything themselves or had (more or less successfully) perfected their own management of their property with the help of their concierge, cleaner, neighbours or even friends. Even today, most customers who use the BnbLord service do so because they want to leave during the holiday season but they don’t feel like managing or organising the management of their assets.

The other aspect of our work, which is frequently overlooked, because it is all too often neglected by management services themselves, is to create rental value. With BnbLord, we are always looking at how we can let at a higher rate for our customers and offer them a better service, rather than simply focusing on how we are going to manage the logistics relating to holiday lets. Of course, the key element of our job is logistics, but it shouldn’t stop there! It is also about creating added value.

Professional photos? Increases your visibility by up to twofold. Dynamic prices adapted to seasonal demand? A 20 to 40% increase in booking requests. Advertising your let on both Airbnb and Booking.com? A 30 to 80% increase in booking requests.

An essential part of our job is/should be to maximise the rental incomes for our customers, through know-how or technical skills that they are not able to implement themselves, in order to achieve more frequent lettings at higher prices.

Reasons to Hire Professional Airbnb Property Management Services

Why consider professional help? Airbnb property management companies are specialized in what they do. This can mean many things, but essentially, that they provide high-quality services that you may otherwise be unable to do yourself. Here’s why you should consider hiring professional property management services:

1) To save time

This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

Managing Airbnb rentals is a very time-consuming process, and can be a full-time job – especially if you own multiple rental properties. Hiring professional Airbnb property management can save you a lot of time. That’s because you’re not just receiving the management service, but the research and real estate market experience that comes along with it. Companies accumulate the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to succeed in the short term rental industry – something that a single person can spend a lifetime trying to achieve.

2) Extra marketing and advertising efforts

Airbnb property management services have access to a wide range of marketing channels and networks that they can employ when marketing Airbnb rentals. This can give your rental property good exposure and can land you more Airbnb reservations per month, increasing your Airbnb occupancy rate and your monthly Airbnb rental income. The marketing you get from these types of companies is a perk you cannot leverage if you choose to forgo professional Airbnb property management.

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3) (Often-times) Better service

While you may get distracted by juggling multiple daily tasks, your job, etc., property managers will not. Because of this, professionals can provide better service and can have a better response time. Many Airbnb property management companies have teams solely dedicated to responding to guests’ inquiries and are on call for any and all inquiries and guest needs.

4) Property management companies have access to the right technology

…which gives them access to resources that aid them in Airbnb pricing, tenant screening, invoices and receipts, dealing with repairs, etc. This cuts response time, improves communication between Airbnb guests and Airbnb hosts, and enhances overall daily operations. This eventually translates into higher Airbnb profit and return on investment (ROI) and passive income for the real estate investor. Additionally, all of the above can help you with the reviews on your Airbnb listin g.

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