Is Managing Airbnb Properties Challenging?


Managing an Airbnb remotely is not an easy task, but it is not impossible

Provide your guests with all the important information upon their arrival. This way

there will be no need for them to contact you with any additional questions during their stay. Welcome guests arriving at your rental with an informative guidebook for the exceptional guest experience.

Hosting on Airbnb can be an absolute pleasure. It has to be, otherwise why would so many people do it? That being said, you need to know what it really entails, and what your guests (and Airbnb) will expect from you. Meeting new, exciting, and interesting people can be incredible, but the rewards certainly don’t come without a good amount of work.

The answer to what is the “hardest” part will likely be a personal question. If you are not naturally an extrovert, always being “on” for your guests could be a real challenge. If you are not naturally a clean freak, then keeping your place spick and span might be draining. If you have another job, and you need to focus on doing the work for that, and relaxing when not in the office, then essentially becoming a small business owner/property manager can be incredibly difficult. Are you dependent on the income from Airbnb to help pay your bills? If so, the financial risk of managing on your own can be hard in and of itself.

Beyond these generic “hard” parts, there is the separate difficulty of pleasing your guests individually. While guests will generally expect a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment, their additional and individual expectations might vary. Do you plan to prepare their meals? Many hosts do not, but many guests expect it. After all, breakfast is the “b” in Airbnb. Are your guests looking for a place to sleep, or a friend in the city? This will vary, and their expectations might not always match with yours. Will your guests expect professional, hotel levels of service? Many would think not, this is Airbnb after all, but that is beginning to change with the proliferation of Superhosts and Professional Airbnb Managers now dominating the listings on the site.

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The point being, Airbnb hosting can be a joy, or it can be a pain. Oftentimes it is some of both. Think about what your ultimate goals and objectives from hosting are, and this should help you determine what the best approach will be for you.

Regardless of where you are physically located, you’ll need to attend to all of your guests’ needs. By doing so, you will deliver a flawless guest experience. Follow these 5 rules on how to manage an Airbnb remotely to run your Airbnb business smoothly, even when traveling.

  1. Offer Self-check-in
  2. Manage Airbnb Remotely With Vacation Rental Software
  3. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service
  4. Find 24/7 Maintenance Vendors You Can Trust
  5. Compose a Comprehensive Guestbook
  6. Offer Self-check-in 
  1. Offer Self-check-in

To ensure your guests can access your property without meeting you in person, think about arranging self-check-in. You can either opt for a solution such as a key lockbox or consider installing an electronic or smart lock.

Key management services can be a great idea too. There are several solutions available to help you manage key handoffs, including Keycafe

Keycafe, which integrates with iGMS, allows you to manage key exchanges with multiple guests and cleaners. You’ll be able to manage access to keys for all your properties from a single account. You’ll receive real-time SMS updates whenever the keys to your property are accessed. 

  1. Manage Airbnb Remotely With Vacation Rental Software

Managing your business remotely can be quite a challenge. However, thanks to automation, you can be sure your business is under control even if you are away, traveling the world.

Vacation rental software such as iGMS allows you to control all guest communication, bookings, and alterations. Also, you will be able to monitor and manage day-to-day property management operations. With iGMS, you can: 

  1. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service means you don’t have to be on-site to handle each guest turnover. A professional cleaning service can handle routine tasks after a guest leaves, such as disinfecting and cleaning. In the meantime, you can enjoy your vacation or concentrate your efforts on strategic tasks.

In addition, a cleaning service will also take care of commonly overlooked areas. Professional cleaners will take care of all the hard-to-reach places to ensure your rental is sparkling clean.

  1. Find 24/7 Maintenance Vendors You Can Trust

If you are trying to manage Airbnb remotely, one of the most important aspects of your business is your maintenance vendors. You need trustworthy maintenance professionals, who are ready to respond to any request, at any time of the day.

When choosing the right vendors, search for trusted companies. You will need someone you can rely on and who can take proper care of urgent repair tasks right away. A 24/7 service from your team of vendors is essential to effectively manage Airbnb remotely.

  1. Compose a Comprehensive Guestbook 

Provide your guests with all the important information upon their arrival. This way there will be no need for them to contact you with any additional questions during their stay. Welcome guests arriving at your rental with an informative guidebook for the exceptional guest experience.


The vast majority of Airbnb rentals go smoothly, but do you know what to do when they don’t? What happens if your host cancels your booking two days before you arrive, or the spacious bedroom shown in a listing turns out to be the size of a closet?

Airbnb problems like these don’t have to ruin your trip. Below we explain how to resolve seven common Airbnb issues, from lost keys to illegal listings.

An important note: These problems aren’t unique to Airbnb, which is one of countless vacation rental sites on the web. However, each site has its own unique policies, so we recommend reading the terms and conditions carefully if you encounter any of the following problems when booking a rental through a different company.


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