Optimizing Airbnb Linen Service: Clean Sheets & Towels for Guests

Hotel-style doesn’t necessarily mean hotel-price. After all, you aren’t working with the volume purchasing power or budget of a hotel.


Hotel-style means two things:


Pure white in color – This makes stains easier to treat and remove than colored options that can’t be bleached. It will keep your laundry in circulation longer AND keep the cost of stain treatment down. The exception to the rule is black makeup hand towels.

Standardized in size – Keeping your inventory standardized will prevent you from purchasing replacements more frequently. If you have large towels for the master bath and smaller towels for the guest baths, when one is permanently damaged or lost by a guest, replacing it can be a headache. You’ll likely need to buy more than one – even if you only need one. Instead, consider standardizing your inventory to 4-6 items from room-to-room and stocking extra of these 4-6 items instead of 10-15.


Doubling up on flat-sheets instead of fitted sheets – While it’s not for all Airbnb hosts, stocking doubles on flat sheets and using them as fitted sheets (tucked under the mattress) can give you a safety net for inventory management. Instead of rushing to order with your Airbnb linen service for one fitted sheet, you’ll rest easy knowing you have a large inventory of flat sheets that can double as fitted sheets. Note – Fitted sheets are the most likely bed linen to be permanently damaged. #stains

We have found that brushed microfiber bedding is a perfect bedding solution for hotel-style Airbnb laundry. The quick-drying, easily stain treated sheets are the perfect balance between cost-efficiency, cleaning-efficiency, and guest comfort.


Just like the sheets, there are many options for towels. Airbnb guests want to get dry but don’t necessarily want the thickest towel on the market. Remember – hotel-style? We recommend medium thickness towels in either cotton or microfiber. The thinner the towel, the cheaper it is to replace and the easier it is to both treat for stains and dry properly.


Have enough inventory to only send laundry to be cleaned once every couple of Airbnb turns.

Miscommunication happens when things get complicated. If you’re operating your Airbnb rental property with just enough linens for one turn, you’re complicating the cleaning process by putting a strict timeline on yourself, your house cleaners, and your Airbnb linen service.


Having only a few linen sets means you are constantly sending your linens for cleaning. And, with most Airbnb linen services, your cleaning costs will be more expensive at lower volumes. Buying enough linens to keep your Airbnb rental stocked with clean inventory for a couple of turns will help you save money with your cleaning service, allow your house cleaners some flexibility on timing, and make sure your guests never show up to a bed without sheets on it.


Trying to stay ahead of guests and cleaners with a limited inventory can be incredibly stressful. And, having extra inventory on hand is an easy solution that most rookie Airbnb don’t consider.


Freshly Laundered Sheets & Towels Delivered with Every Clean

After cleaning, the SECOND MOST time consuming part of STR hosting is changing and managing all the sheets and towels in your property.  


GuestPrep’s Managed Linen Service takes this completely out of your hands.  We own all white, hotel quality sheets, pillow cases and towels in all sizes which can be rented for every clean, this has many benefits:


  • Completely outsource of the process – never think about sheets or towels again!


  • Don’t have guests use and potentially ruin your own linens and towels.


  • Provide consistent quality products for each guest.


How does it work?


For each Bed we provide:  1 x Flat Sheet, 1 x Fitted Sheet, up to 4 Pillow Cases, 2 x Bath Towels, 1 x Hand Towel & 2 x Wash cloths. 


While completing the GuestPrep on-boarding form select the Linen Service option, select the number of beds and bed size you need.


Tips to Keep Your Airbnb Linens Fresh

Start with Quality

When a guest leaves a review, there are certain obvious aspects they consider: the cost, ease of booking, general decor and amenities, to name a few. But, as a new Airbnb host, the guests’ overall comfort is an easy thing to overlook.


Every vacation and work trip is immensely improved by a good night’s sleep, and silky, high-quality sheets can do wonders. Same goes for towels – nothing says luxury like a fluffy, soft towel waiting for you after your shower.


Investing in high-quality linens will set you apart from the competition and improve every guests’ experience, leading to better reviews and more future bookings.


Airbnb done right: Nothing says luxury like a fluffy, soft towel waiting for you after your shower.CLICK TO TWEET


Keep them Clean

Let’s be honest – most people don’t wash and change their sheets as often as they should. We understand it’s an arduous process, but as an Airbnb host, you know the high standards you must maintain to earn five-star reviews and remain successful.


While experts suggest washing your sheets at least once every two weeks, your guest turnover rate often doesn’t allow you that kind of time. So instead, you must find the best option to keep a steady supply of fresh and clean sheets, pillowcases and towels ready for your property.


Whether you wash them yourself on-site or outsource the job, make sure you have a fool-proof system to ensure that there are always clean sheets available. Create a washing schedule and stick to it. You’ll thank yourself later.


Have Back-ups

Even if you keep to your excellent linen-washing schedule, there’s always the chance something can go awry. Breakfast-in-bed coffee spills, a careless cigarette burn on your pillowcase, a mysterious towel stain – unavoidable accidents that can leave you in the lurch if you aren’t adequately prepared.


Having at least three sets of sheets per bed is the best approach. That way, with one set in the wash and another damaged, your third set is still ready for your next guest. Preparation: a major key.


Store Extras Properly

Now that you’ve purchased quality linens, you need to store them properly. Placing you nice sheets on wood or melamine shelving can lead to discolouration over time, however, this can be easily avoided by adding a protective liner to your shelves.


If you prefer a more organised approach, use fabric boxes or cloth bins to better sort your linens. Add labels, and with everything at your fingertips, you’ll never have to frantically search through the linen closet again.


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Remember that Details Matter

Smell is one of our most powerful senses and links strongly to our emotional responses, but not everyone enjoys the same scents. How to get around this issue? Have options.


Use a scent-free washing detergent to start with a blank slate, then purchase a variety of fabric-freshening sprays. Lavender, fresh linen, citrus – the options are endless.


source- https://www.housing.vic.gov.au/


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