How Much Does It Cost To Have an Airbnb Cleaned

What is an Airbnb cleaning fee?

For hosts who do their own cleaning, the average cleaning fee on Airbnb is around $65 per booking. For larger properties or hosts who hire cleaning help, this cost will increase to approximately $105.


A cleaning fee is a one-time fee charged by hosts to cover the cost of cleaning their holiday rental when guests depart. Not all hosts charge this fee. Some incorporate it into their nightly rate.

Here are a few things to consider when setting your cleaning fee:

The type of property

Are you marketing your Airbnb as a luxury property? Is it in an expensive neighbourhood? Are you charging a considerable fee per night? Do your photos show a space that is immaculate? If the answer is yes to these questions then guests will probably not baulk at a higher cleaning fee.

How big is your place?

If you’re a host who is renting out a small studio apartment you can’t expect to charge the same kind of cleaning fee as one who is renting out a five-bedroom mansion. Think about how many hours, realistically, it would take to clean your Airbnb and make sure your fee is within that ballpark.

Also be aware that if you are renting out a private room in your house – cleaning the actual rental space won’t be time-consuming but you will also have to keep common areas (like the kitchen and bathroom) spotless at all times during their stay which can actually be more work than you might expect

The Airbnb cleaning service cost is set by the host. For hosts who do their own cleaning, the average cleaning fee on Airbnb is around $65 per booking. For larger properties or hosts who hire cleaning help, this cost will increase to approximately $105. 

However, this cost is affected by the type of listing you’re offering. A small studio flat’s Airbnb cleaning fee will differ largely from that of a 5-bedroom mansion. Visualize your rental size and type when working out your cleaning fee amount. You can also look at your nearby competitors to see if they charge a cleaning fee and what pricing strategy they use. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol by Airbnb, hosts are taking extra measures to clean their rentals. These new cleaning measures are increasing hosts’ cleaning costs, and in turn, increasing cleaning fees. Airbnb does not set a recommended price for the enhanced cleaning fee, so hosts are allowed to determine their new fees. 

Should I Charge a Cleaning Fee for My Vacation Rental?

Hosts don’t need to charge for cleaning, and there are no Airbnb cleaning fee rules enforced. Many hosts do choose to charge a cleaning fee, as it keeps their rentals immaculate and encourages guests to leave a 5-star review. However, not all hosts choose to charge a cleaning fee, as they feel it drives their booking price up too much. In these instances, hosts generally do their own cleaning or pay the cost themselves of hiring a cleaning company.  

Before you decide whether or not to charge an Airbnb cleaning fee, take a closer look at the key features of your property and listing:

The Type of Property and Its Size

If you’re marketing your listing as a luxury stay with higher price points, it’s more likely that your guests won’t squirm at the extra fee for cleaning. Based on your property’s offering and size, you may want to include this to maintain the advertised living standards. If, on the other hand, you are renting out a room in your home, this might not be necessary.

How does Airbnb’s cleaning fee work?

The cleaning fee is a one-time charge that hosts add to the price of their listing for each booking to cover cleaning expenses.

This fee is added to the overall price of the booking and is paid for by the guest(s). It is not a security deposit; the guests don’t get their money back at the end of their stay.

The cleaning fee is the same regardless of how many guests book your listing or for how long (you can’t increase it for additional guests or additional nights).

Cleaning fees help hosts account for extra expenses they have getting their listing ready for new guests.

Some of the costs that you could consider in your cleaning fee are:

  1. Cleaning products
  2. Washing/drying towels and linen
  3. Toilet roll
  4. Shampoo, soap, etc.
  5. Cost of cleaning (e.g. hiring a cleaning service)
  6. In the search results, guests will see a nightly rate that includes the cleaning fee divided by the total number of nights in the reservation.

Because of that, you don’t have to be afraid that your cleaning fee will give your potential guests a nasty surprise.

Also, when guests submit a reservation request, the nightly rate and the cleaning fee will be listed separately in the price breakdown. It’s all very transparent.

What is the average Airbnb cleaning fee?

The average cleaning fee on Airbnb is between $50 – $80, however, this average is somewhat misleading.

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With such a huge spectrum of listings from tiny rooms in shared houses, to opulent mansions with 10+ rooms, it’s very hard to find an accurate average.

The best way to find a workable average is to study the cleaning fees of comparable listings within your area, and generate an average from that.

Normal house cleaning rates


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